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Noise wall
Noise wall Roland Emile Kuit:
Photography by Karin Schomaker


"I believe in ideas. I translate concepts into unique, immersive sonic experiences" - Roland Kuit, 1st Dutch composer with sonic art in space  on board of the NASA OSIRIS-Rex mission 

Roland Emile Kuit’s artistic path is undeniably marked by a tenacious drive to redefine the horizons of sonic art and composition. With his groundbreaking installations, enveloping sonic environments, and intellectually stimulating performances, he defies entrenched norms and encourages audiences to traverse unexplored territories of sound and space. Kuit’s pioneering contributions to the discipline have not only garnered him global acclaim but have also catalyzed engaging discourse, thereby revolutionizing our understanding of sound as a medium of artistic expression. - Ewan Shah

Roland Emile Kuit lectures, performs/exhibits at universities, art galleries, museums and creative hubs in Europe, the United States, Asia, Russia and the Baltic States.
Publications in the art magazines l’Orbe and Avenue Magazine, Sound On Sound Magazine, Cinquecolonne Magazine and WIRED: Musica Globalista.

Featured Sonic Artist at DONEMUS - Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music.

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Opening exhibition 0 1 at Museum EICAS

Leo Erb - Ronald A. Weterhuis - davidkremer - Roland Kuit

Nieuwe Markt 23
7411 PB Deventer, The Netherlands



NUL = taal / ZERO = language - Roland Kuit

2024/01.13 - 24.02.18

R U I S / noise

Contemporary art - RUIS

2024.01.13 - 24.02.18

DONEMUS NEWS: Experience the phenomenon of noise in many dimensions with the audio art of Roland Kuit 

N O I S E can be experienced from Saturday January 13 to Sunday February 18, 2024 in the ACEC Salon.
Noise is the moving world within ourselves and around us. At the micro level it is a constant flow of information, full of changes and variations. Yet noise is something that many people ignore.
When you open yourself up to noise, a whole world unfolds, as Roland Kuit discovered. Exhibition N O I S E shows a palette of articulations in which noise even seems to take on patterns.

RUIS NOISE Exhibition


2024.01.13 - 24.02.18

Beleef het fenomeen ruis in verschillende dimensies met de audiokunst van Roland Kuit.
R U I S is van zaterdag 13 januari t/m zondag 18 februari 2024 te ervaren in de ACEC Salon.

R U I S is de bewegende wereld in onszelf en om ons heen. Op microniveau is het een constante stroom aan informatie, vol veranderingen en variaties. Expositie R U I S toont dan ook een palet van articulaties waarin ruis zelfs patronen lijkt aan te nemen.


Stills eight meters wide on the walls, where noise can be seen as vertical patterns, and on a video screen a slowly changing horizontal noise landscape. The most important are the eight speaker boxes placed on stands that emit noise in its many facets. Collisions, dialogues, interplay, patterns, distribution, merging...
In the ACEC Salon, Roland Kuit uses audio art to create a connection between image and sound, bringing noise to life.

Roggestraat 44
7311 CD Apeldoorn, The Netherlands


2023.12.27 23h C.E.T.

Concrete Strings

Concrete Strings

Produced by Roland Kuit




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Wired, Roland Kuit

  BNR Nieuws Radio    NASA ART

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