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Sonic artist Roland Emile Kuit:
colors of noise 2014 - 2023 sonic sculptures


"I believe in ideas. I translate concepts into unique, immersive sonic experiences." - Roland Kuit, 1st Dutch post-genre composer with sonic art in space aboard of the NASA OSIRIS-Rex Mission 


Roland Emile Kuit is known for his 3D architectural sonic constellations performed in the Rietveld Pavilion, Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo / Sonic art for the NASA OSIRIS-Rex mission / Concert for Tomas Rajlich Museum Kampa – The Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation, Prague / The International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Soundlines of Contemporary Art“ Aram Khachaturian Museum. Yerevan, Armenia / 1° Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea “Atemporánea” 2019 Buenos Aires, Argentina / International Festival of Experimental Music Sound Around Kaliningrad 2020, National Center of Contemporary Art Kaliningrad, Russia / Monograph Roland Kuit Radio Arte Italia / MONUMENTUM – Sonic Monument for the Victims who died as a result of the COV-19 Pandemic / Publications in the art magazines l’Orbe and Avenue Magazine, Sound On Sound Magazine, Cinquecolonne Magazine and WIRED: Musica Globalista.

Roland Emile Kuit lectures, performs/exhibits at universities, art galleries, museums and creative hubs in Europe, the United States, Asia, Russia and the Baltic States.
Featured Sonic Artist at DONEMUS - Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music.

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article about the sonic artist Roland Kuit


2023.05.22 - 2023.06.18

Virtual exhibition A.R.C. Group/ Art research Center - 55th  anniversary

Curated by Erdem K. Koroglu



New releases of three key works 1994-95 and 2018 at DONEMUS:


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New dimentions in minimalism

Transparent greys
articulations in Noise



Wired, Roland Kuit

  BNR Nieuws Radio    NASA ART

iTunes_Roland_Kuit Prostudiomasters_Roland Kuit sculptured reflections roland kuit Roland Kuit on Spotify


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