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The Modular Mastery of Roland Kuit 

Modular Mastery,Modular synthesis, Roland Kuit, Laboratory

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Laboratory of Patching
Illustrated Compendium of Modular Synthesis
2nd edition
Author: Roland Kuit

Interactive Html/PDF e-book
The Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer included

The Big Modular Knowledge Lab with over 1800 meticulously assembled patches. 
Equal parts tutorial, demonstration and resource in modular synthesis, sound design and composition.

Laboratory of Patching. Illustrated Compendium of Modular Synthesis. Donemus Publishing House of Contemporary Classical Music. 2014, catalogue number - 13662

Roland Kuit, Soundlab, Modular synthesis

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SoundLab II
Architectures for Philosophers
3rd edition
Author: Roland Kuit

Interactive Html/PDF e-book

The Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer included

Building autonomous synthesizers and FX architectures will give one freedom to express thoughts in  patch structures. The use of this freedom of sound and composition, I explained in the interactive eBook SoundLab I .

New tools to individualism. 
While making these patches I became aware of the fact that there are so many fields, like e.g. astronomy, mathematics, DNA research, IT development and neurotransmitters, with comparable functionality.  This eBook is not for lower level users.
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SoundLab II. Architectures for Philosophers. Donemus Publishing House of Contemporary Classical Music. 2014, catalogue number - 13665

Modular Mastery,Roland Kuit,The Electronic Studio, Modular synthesis

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SoundLab I
The Electronic Studio
3rd edition
Author: Roland Kuit

Interactive Html/PDF e-book
The Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer included
  • Learn through examples that illuminate today’s best modular styles and program design techniques.
  • Understand the “rationale behind the rules”: why modular synthesis works as it does.
  • Use the extensive cross-references to help you connect related concepts and insights.
  • Benefit from up-to-date learning aids that emphasize key points, help you to avoid pitfalls, promote good practices,
  •  and reinforce what you’ve learned.

 SoundLab I. The Electronic Studio. Donemus Publishing House of Contemporary Classical Music. 2014, catalogue number - 13664 

Modular Mastery,Roland Kuit, Modular synthesis

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To be ON, to be OFF, that's the SWITCH
2nd edition
Author: Roland Kuit

Interactive Html/PDF e-Book.
The Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer included.

Elegant and complex applications for pattern and sound design
in modular and binary synthesis.

From a two-switch interfaced instrument to creating high-end sequencers.
Pattern design, logic 8-bits words chopping to logic waveshaping.
Audio processing and more..

To be ON - to be OFF, that's the SWITCH. Donemus Publishing House of Contemporary Classical Music. 2014, catalogue number - 13666

Modular Mastery, Modular synthesis

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Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space
2nd edition
Author: Roland Kuit

Interactive Html/PDF e-Book.
The Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer included.

Concepts of space (re-)defined and shifted for modular synthesis

Reflections are positional essentials in creating space. How space can be thought of as an indispensable element of music, and with the kinds of approaches that emerge when space is
dealt with from the start producing a sound work.

Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space. Donemus Publishing House of Contemporary Classical Music.2014, Catalogue number - 13663

Modular synthesis, SoundLab
Photography: Karin Schomaker  

With the NMG2 Demo software you can study everywhere!
NOTE: Patch architectures can be used for any modular system with the same modules.

Wired, Roland Kuit        

Update: For Mac users please go here to download OSX compatible NMG2Demo sotware:
Scroll down.

These interactive e-book are designed to use with your internet browser (screen width 1243). Start with installing the NMG2 Demo software, located in the file Clavia software for PC/Mac (Leopard user have to install VMWare, or Parallels and a Windows version). For OSX Lion: Step 1 Download and install WineBottler. Step 2 – Install. Once installed WineBottler, go where you saved G2 Demo installer, unzip it and double click“ SetupModularG2Demo_V140.exe”. A window will pop up asking what to do with that file. Select “Convert to simple OSX application” and click OK. In the next window, scroll down Winetricks list and check “winxp” option, then click INSTALL. On “Save As” dialog window, name your application as “Nord Modular G2 Demo”, select “Applications” as target folder and click SAVE. Now WineBottler will start to install the software and a new window will pop up with the old beloved windows installer. Go on with installation and, when a window with a directory tree will show just close it and complete G2 Demo installation following screen instructions. Now WineBottler will ask you which file should be started. Select “Modular G2 Demo v1.40.exe” from the list and click OK. Now you will find your packed software under “Applications” in your Finder. Unfortunately, seems that this software won’t work as packed wine application so you will need to do a further step. Go in your “Applications” folder and delete the app you just created (Nord Modular G2 Demo), then go to: /your_user/Library/Application Support/Wine/prefixes. Here you will find a folder named “Nord Modular G2 Demo” with all installed files under: drive_c/Clavia/Modular G2 Demo v1.40. From there just drag the executable file to your “Applications” folder holding CMD+OPTION to create a link and rename it as “Nord Modular G2 Demo”. Open the NMG2Demo and click the dropdown menu Setup. Select the appropriate soundcard and put the sample rate at 96000.
Mac users have to install the browser Opera.
Other installation for Mac users: download CrossOver 13.2 and the NMG2Demo will work on Mavericks 10.9.4.

Connections with universities, students, scientists and composers

The patches in my books on modular synthesis are concepts. Each patch covers a vision or idea as a source of inspiration for composers, scientists, students and educational institutes.
Some examples of how my books have inspired others: 
- Enrico Cosimi, Teacher Electronic Music at the University of Rome Tor Vergata/Lecturer at Music Conservatory "Santa Cecilia", Rome: "Roland Kuit
, who is trained at the Institute of Sonology of Utrecht, is one of the most brilliant, original, innovative programmers currently active on the international scene. With a serious research on the Clavia Nord Modular G2, has created "SoundLab II," a distillation of wisdom with which to guide the synthetic musician in the most complex programming procedures applicable to most of the machines hardware and software currently available on the market." 
- Bil Smith, composer: "Roland Kuit, composer, is an iconic pioneer and a Key Innovation Leader in the field of Modular Synthesis. This man is a rare visionary who not only creates inventive soundscapes, but is able to craft evocative aural experiences with every step of his creative output."
- Lloyd Barrett,
lecturer Music Technology Griffith University: "The Laboratory of Patching is the best source of virtual modular patching knowledge there is."
- Berweck, S The PhD thesis from Berweck, S. (2013a), Titled: It worked yesterday - On (re-)performing electroacoustic music (PhD). University of Huddersfield, August 2012. 
- Federico Solazzo: composer/arranger: "The Micro Modular already had a tool that required knowledge bases on the synthesis. And from there I started to look for people who could teach me something. I found Roland Kuit, first, a luminary of modular synthesis that has a completely new approach and not an end in itself". "The opportunity to improve my sound designer skills by studying Sonology with Masters like Kees Tazelaar and Joel Ryan (San Francisco) at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag and by meeting the modular synthesis guru Roland Kuit and his book Laboratory of Patching. Illustrated Compendium of Modular Synthesis"

- 337is
: "I have really learned a ton from Roland over the years, both from his contributions to the various Nord-related mailing lists and from his ebook. My entire framework for working with modular synths came out of my early adoption of the Clavia modular approach and the very generous souls who shared their information freely with n00bs like myself. Roland really has an educator's mind and he excels at breaking down complex processes into manageable steps which appropriately allows for a rather modular approach to modular synthesis. I've only purchased the one book that I mentioned earlier, so I can only speak to its use for me. I've found it wonderfully detailed and very inspiring. I love how his examples are hyperlinked in the ebook allowing me to simply click on them to open them in the programming environment. If I had unlimited financial resources, I'd own all of his offerings as they seem so useful and practical, and I grow significantly each time I spend time with them."
- GovernorSilver
:"Second part of this eBook is a collection of advanced techniques, tricks and examples for building exotic patches. Just open Oscillators chapter and you could play with it for years: advanced formant techniques, vocal oscillators, strange PWMs, Wavetables are only few examples of what expects you on this single chapter. Filters chapter is very tasty, since you can find here something like a complex equalizer built around Serge modular techniques or filters made with logic modules (!!!), FIR filters, wave scanners and much more. As I already stated for Part I, Logic section is one of my favorite. On Part II of this book there is another chapter dedicated to abuse of Logic modules that extends the juice you met on Part I with more advanced techniques like Logic Ring Modulation, advanced rhythms and sequencers and even oscillators. Talking of sequencers, there is a dedicated chapter that explores new ways of triggering, sequencing and pattern generation. Next chapter, Miscellaneous, is another impressive collection of tricks spacing from new sync techniques to advanced Phase Locked Loop examples. Next chapter digs into shapers and audio modifiers, from pseudo-stereo to digital emulation of Bode phaser, passing through granular processors, asymmetric signal shaping and other juicy wizardries. Last chapter goes even deeper into sound mangling, leaving you speechless: resonant neurons, coefficient based filterbanks, unconventional bitcrushers are only few examples."


Roland Kuit


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