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Modular synthesis, Roland Kuit

Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space. Donemus Publishing House of Contemporary Classical Music. 2014, catalogue number - 13663

Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space
2nd edition
Author: Roland Kuit

oncepts of space (re-)defined and shifted for modular synthesis

Reflections are positional essentials in creating space. How space can be thought of as an indispensable element of music, and with the kinds of approaches that emerge when space is dealt with from the start producing a sound work.

Interactive Html/PDF e-Book. The Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer included.

stereophonic, spectral stereo, pseudo stereo, ambiophonics, phasebrato, complementary Comb Filters, sample delay, can control, Shift register and Multiplexer modules, creating single delay presets, simulating 'old way' delays, basic feedback delay, basic cascading delays, mixer taps, damping, digital comb filters, delay experiments, 8 tap delay architectures, delay matrices, switchable spaces, resonators, resonator matrices, swirls, waveguide  reverbs, physical modeling, modulated air pressures, and much more......

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From crosstalk cancelation:


Historic reverberations like:

I'm sitting in a room.......

Roland Kuit Iḿ sitting in a room b    Modular synthesis

To complex feedforward delays:

Modular synthesis, Roland Kuit

And much more........





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