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The Buchla 200 Studio 4 at EMS Stockholm

Working as composer in the residence @ EMS Stockholm. Research and composition:

:Roland Kuit
Karin Schomaker: photography

Roland Kuit Buchla 200
Karin Schomaker: photography

Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator Model 248 - 1602                                       Sequential Voltage Source Model 243                                                    

Variable Function Generator   Variable Function Generator 2_Roland_Kuit      Sequential Voltage Soarce_Buchla_Roland Kuit  

Source of Uncertainty                                                                                          Balanced Modulator Model 283

Source of uncertainty_Roland_Kuit  Source of uncertainty 2_Roland_Kuit        Balanced Modulator Buchla_Roland_Kuit  FS Buchla

Complex Waveform Generator Model 259                                                                                        Programmable Spectral Processor Model 296

Complex Waveform Generator Buchla_Roland_Kuit  Complex Waveform Generator2 Buchla_Roland_Kuit  Complex Waform Generator Buchla Roland Kuit        Programmable Spectral Processor Buchla_Roland Kuit


Buchla overview1_Roland Kuit Buchla overview3_Roland Kuit Buchla overview2_Roland Kuit Buchla overview6_Roland Kuit



Roland Kuit Buchla Roland Kuit Kyma
Karin Schomaker: photography


Buchla 200 Studio 4D @ EMS_Roland_Kuit Roland Kuit, Buchla
Karin Schomaker: photography



Buchla 200 overview 11_Roland Kuit  Roland_ Kuit_Buchla_200 @ EMS

Karin Schomaker: photography


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