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roland emile kuit
advanced music composer & sonic artist  | sonologist | author | lecturer

photography by Karin Schomaker: roland emile kuit sonologist & sonic artist  

Roland Kuit has always been fascinated by the phenomenon of sound. Surrounded with instruments like a grand piano, violins, double bass, trombone and guitars, he started to experiment with these sounds and the tape recorder. He was 6 years old at that time. This early playground formed a conceptual brain scheme for the rest of his life: experiment-sound, sound-experiment.
At early age he started to play the flute and was accepted at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague continuing his sound research in extended flute techniques. Here he met the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luigi Nono, Berio, Dick Raaijmakers and other composers in electronic music. Experiencing limitations in acoustic music, Roland bought his first synthesizer. The ARP 2600. At that moment Roland made a decisive step in his career by subscribing at the prestigious Institute of Sonology, University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. It was at the end of formalism and new ways in sound creation and other frameworks had to be explored. Under the influence of director Gottfried Michael Koenig this formal framework was opened for new experiments. Roland studied analogue and digital sound science. Synthesis- and studio techniques next by Stan Tempelaars and Jaap Vink.
At the IRCAM in Paris, Roland experienced new ways in acoustic composition and research of physical modeling in spectral music. Earlier he had accomplished a virtual PM string quartet with use of analogue synthesis. Analogue synthesized sounds have something apealing due behaviour of the apparatus. Sounds created by digital means seemed to be a kind of static so Roland used his knowledge to apply his techniques in the digital realm. His morphing between different techniques and shaping of algorithms became Roland’s signature. His output spans composition through sound art, sonic-architectural installations, collaboration with experimental artists, designers and scientists, acousmatic performance and live electroacoustic improvisation. Roland Kuit performs on concert stages, art galleries and museums.
Research, imagination and technical association made him write his books about combined synthesis techniques. Lecturing at diverse universities and creating radio programs about electronic music giving him a platform to discuss his conceptual worlds. 
His books about research in modular synthesis techniques, music and sound art are published by Donemus, Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music.
The sonic art of composer Roland Kuit is on board on NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission reaching the asteroid 101955 Bennu in 2018.

Electronic / acousmatic
_Rietveld Pavilion, Kyma
_Tactile utterance, for Tomas Ralich. Kyma extened string quartet
_Landscapes of a Voice, Kyma
_Atomic wheeled vehicle, Kyma
_The Impossible Bicycle, Kyma  
_Nano works II, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_Nano works I, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_Lover Bytes, Buchla - Kyma
_Segmented Idiophones, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_Poème Bitphonique for 100 Granules, Buchla 200 - Kyma

_1 Bit more....I, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_A Bit animalistic, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_BiTuliar, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_BitsEater, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_Far out Bits, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_Nanoment 531, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_More on Buchla Bits, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_Tectonic Articulations of Colour I - VIII, Buchla 200 - Kyma
_PianoCoder, Piano - Kyma
_This is Piano Music, Piano - Kyma
_Ruins of Memories, treated piano - Kyma
_ReStructures for Piano, Kyma
_Modular Piano, NMG2 - Kyma
_Time Tunnels, for Renee Baker. Six Granular Microtonalisms for orchestra and electronics
_Illiac Indeterminacy, Kyma. A tribute to Daniel Slotnick and John Cage
_Trio For Artificial Violin - Flute - Piano, Kyma
_One Piece For Two imaginary Piano's, Kyma
_Sequences of Poetry At The Hudson River For One Trumpet Player At 3.25 Hours, Kyma 
_Not and Tech Flute, Kyma
_Sanctuary for the Lost Souls, Kyma. For Greg Kent 
_Scordatura for sixty Brown & Black Grand Piano bowed Resonances, Kyma
_Green Clandestine Conversations 4 plants, Kyma
_Three lines for Flute, Kyma
_Three groups of Female Singers vocalise into each others Mouth, Kyma
_Modal Glottal Violins running, Kyma
_Flute(r)xtures, Kyma For Carlton Vickers
_Rajlich Rebits I - III, Kyma
_Etude Violinesque, Kyma 
_Schaltungen I - III, Nord Modular G2. For Bil Smith
_Neo Plastiek V, Xite-1/Modular IV
_Neo Plastiek IV, Xite-1/Modular IV
_Neo Plastiek III, Xite-1/Modular IV
_Neo Plastiek II, Xite-1/Modular IV
_Neo Plastiek I, Xite-1/Modular IV
_form follows function, Xite-1 Modular IV / Flexor. Karin Schomaker: visuals
_The LAB, 35 years of modular synthesis experiments
_0_ , 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, .0.  computer music
_De zee, for flute, hobo d'amour, bass clarinet, electronics, 3 groups female singers, video screens with electronic music 
_Moving surface, for Tomas Rajlich 
_New Electronic Prose of the Hague, voice art: a tribute with Albert Vogel to the ZERO movement
_Lines, for Hobo (d' Amour) and spectral granular synthesis 
_Song for Clara Daniela Bentinck, for modular system, voice and granular synthesis
_Emulated flutes I, physical modeling synthesis 
 _Xor, for physical string models. Violence, for physical string models 
_Or, for physical string models. Violence, for physical string models 
_Nor, for physical string models. Violence, for physical string models 
_Argument II, for bass clarinet and computer 
_Manifestation of New Music and Environment: series of concerts and performances for computer, dance, bass clarinet, flute, harp, The Hague
_Holiday, composition for 5 harp groups and computer
_Argument I, for bass clarinet and computer
_Electronic String quartet I - IV, for Nord Modular Synthesizer
_FM/AM, for computer and video. 
 _Hieroglyphs, for Florence Sitruk, for pedal harp and computer.
 _Electronic Poetry, with Albert in 't Veld
_Resonance, for bass flute and computer
_MATRIX MR4, for Masumi Nagasawa, for pedal harp and programmable c.d. World premiered European Harp Symposium  
_Requiem, for flutes, double bass, percussion and tape. Juigalpa Project
_<<LAYERS I-III>> for violin, viola, double bass and computer. For Tomas Ralich
_compositions and sound design for pop- and jazz formations 
_KLIM, Dutch Broadcasting Studio (N.O.S.) compositions for movement (dance)
_AM/FM, techniques to explore noise and crackles 

_Car music, minimal techno
_Chat music, electro 
_SineBeats, Techno projects 
_Dutch Lounge Loops, video and music project
_Reset Junkies, Techno performance
_Dutch Loops, minimal dance performance
_St@te of .......phase, minimal house music. research of phase differences 

_The Relax Patches, for virtual analogue modular synthesizer

_Ripples in Space, Kyma, Atlas V rocket field recording
_On the Edge of Tone and Colour, Kyma
_99 Re-cycle sound objects,, Roland Kuit: Kyma, bicycle
_Vehicular, Roland Kuit: Kyma, Karin Schomaker: visual art 
_Diploptic, Roland Kuit: Kyma, Karin Schomaker: visual art 
_Opus Caementicium, Roland Kuit: Kyma, Karin Schomaker: visual art 
_From Serra to Zaha, Roland Kuit: Xite-1 Modular IV / Flexor, Karin Schomaker: visual art 
_Monads and beyond, Roland Kuit: Xite-1 Modular IV / Flexor. Karin Schomaker: visual art 
_form follows function, Roland Kuit: Xite-1 Modular IV / Flexor. Karin Schomaker: visual art
_Cars, computer drawings and audio2002  
_Resonance,  audio art object 2001
_Square Noise, audio art object
_Enjoy Riding, audio art object1999  
_Money talks, audio art for coins, 2 bass speakers sensors and Micro modular synthesizer 1998  
_Paris, audio art object 1998
_SQUARE&SINE, audio art for Marcel Prins
_The Hague 2025, multimedia- project with Marc van Bilderbeek and Mariska Streefland 1996  Audio art sculpture
_Line, black.....interrupt, audio art
_E-SCOPE, video installation with Marc van Bilderbeek 1995  
_AMSTERDAM, for Avenue-magazine 1995
_Architectonic Models I-XVII, audio sculpture 1994 
_Audio art sculpture with Reier Pos (light performance)
_Audio art sculpture with Albert in 't Veld (steel/neon objects)
_Audio art sculpture with Tomas Rajlich (paintings) _Audio art sculpture on wall relief of Jan Andriesse
_Electro Acoustic Domestic Pet>> audio art object
_Construction I>> audio art object 

_Rietveld Ruimtekunstenaar, Bertus and Marco Mulder
_OUI Je T' Embrasse, Avec Tout Mon Coeur, Marc van Bilderbeeck1997  
_De kloof, Anneke Mulder _IJs, Anneke Mulder 

_Theaterwerkgroep De Firma Eindschot
_Eksters, with Stichting Rein Edzard Productions

Compositions/Audio Art performed/exhibited in:
_Jewish Museum Berlin, Amalgamation, part of res·o·nant, light and sound installation by Mischa Kuball
_10° Festival de Musica Contemporanea a La Plata 2017. Sonaridades Alternativas Buenos Aires, Argentina
_ Kröller-Müller Museum Rietveld Pavilion. Otterlo. The Netherlands
_Museum Kampa - The Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation Prague. Tjechië
_SONIKAS XIV, Madrid. Spain
_PACE-2(KYMA International Sound Symposium 2016). De Montfort University, Leicester, U.K.
_Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
_STEIM, Amsterdam. The Netherlands
_AB Brussel-Huis23,Brussels,Belgium
_New York City Electroacoustic Music Society, Spectrum NYC, USA
_EZUFF = PP#5 Festival, Spectrum NYC, USA
_Hörlursfestival Sollefteå, Västernorrland, Sweden
_Museum Mondriaanhuis Amersfoort, The Netherlands
_Electro-Music festival. NY, U.S.A.
_University of Gothenburg. Lindbladstudion, Göteborg, Sweden
_University for Music and Media (electro-music festival), London, UK
_Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag, The Netherlands 
_Spuiplein, Den Haag, The Netherlands  
_RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
_Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
_Paard van Troje, Den Haag, The Netherlands 
_HKK, Den Haag, The Netherlands 
_Festival of Arts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
_Gemeente Museum (Ouborg Prijs 1994), Den Haag. The Netherlands
_De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
_De Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
_De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
_Vrije Academie, Den Haag
_Congresgebouw (North Sea Jazz), Den Haag, The Netherlands 
_Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, USA
_Cafe Sonore, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
_Artline, Den  Haag/Amsterdamh
_Atrium, Stadhuis, Den Haag, The Netherlands 

_Lecturing_De Montfort University(KYMA International Sound Symposium 2016), Leicester. U.K.
_Lecturer at School of Computing. Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland
_Lecturer at EMS Stockholm, Sweden
_Lecturer at Lindbladstudion, The department for electronic music at the Academy of Music and Drama,
_University of Göteborg, Sweden
_Lecturer at Sonus Factory, Rome, Italy
_Lecturer Nord Modular Synthesizer, Centre for Electronic Music, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
_Lecturer Sound design at SAE, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
_Lecturer at Conservatory, Groningen, the Netherlands 
_Lecturer at the University for media in London, UK  
_Lecturer Audio Art Vrije Academie, Den Haag, the Netherlands
_Lecturer and head of department Klanklaboratorium, Koorenhuis, Den Haag, the Netherlands
_Substitute lecturer analogue studio techniques, Instituut voor Sonologie, Utrecht, the Netherlands 

Sound design
_Buchla 200
_Kyma - Pacarana, Symbolic Sound
_Concertzender, Dutch radio
_SCOPE SDK6 Xite, Sonic Core
_Modular IV, Sonic Core
_Xite-1, Sonic Core
_NMG2, Clavia
_Nord Modular, Clavia
_KLC MS-20, Korg

_Landscapes of a Voice
_101955 Bennu
_Tomorrows calling, Demerararecords
_Nanophonic similarities
_Tectonic Articulations of Colour
_Piano Restructures
_Ars Modular Musica III
_Ars Modular Musica II
_Ars Modular Musica I
_Monads and Beyond
_New Chamber Music
_Abstract Flute Music
_Meditations for Flute
_Avant-garde, IFAR

_Vault of Patterns
_To be ON to be OFF, that's the SWITCH
_Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space
_Laboratory of Patching. Illustrated Compendium of Modular Synthesis
_SoundLab II. Architectures for Philosophers
_SoundLab I. The Electronic Studio

_Hospodářské noviny
_Sonic State
_Noordlands Dagblad
_HP/De Tijd
_Algemeen Dagblad
_Sonic State
_De Telegraaf
_Thoughts on FM: beyond the algorithms part I
_eight nerve
_The next word on music
_Sound Morphology
_Creating a sonic Boolean Barber's pole
_Wired: Musica Globalista(by Bruce Sterling)
_Audio Central Magazine_Progsounds 
_Film festival catalog '84, Italy
_Film festival catalog '97, Netherlands 
_North Sea Jazz 
_Zo als ik iets ben (H.K.K)
_Komponisten der Gegenwart
_Sound On Sound Magazine
_Notes, bits & bites
_World Harp Review
_Orbe, Livres d’ Artistesz
_Interface magazine
_Future Music
_Avenue Magazine

_BBC 3, U.K.
_Concertzender, The Netherlands
_VARA Radio, The Netherlands 
_Canadian Radio, Canada
_Lake Country Community Radio C.A., USA
_VPRO, The Netherlands
_Soundart Radio Moscow, USSR
_French Radio 1, France
_NOS, The Netherlands

_Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
_EMS Stockholm, Sweden
_Composer at Donemus, The Hague
_NEAR(Gaudeamus), Amsterdam
_Musique Contemporaine
_Muziek encyclopedie Nederland
_Komponisten der Gegenwart
_Haags Gemeente Archief, Den Haag
_Ircam, Centre Pompidou, Paris

_Featured composer at Donemus
_NASA's OSIRUS REx mission to Bennu
_Associate Member Art Research Center/A.R.C.Group
_Nomination Art Basel Miami 2015 collectors opening
_Society for Electro Acoustic Music in Sweden (SEAMS)
_VEMS, Stockholm
_Composers Circle
_New York City Electroacoustic Music Society (NYCEMS)
_Electronic Music Foundation(EMF)
_Société des musiciens Extraordinaires(SME)

_BNR Nieuwsradio Roelof Hemmen
_Concertzender actueel
_SBS 6 Hart van Nederland
_NPO Radio 1
_Radio 10
_Radio 3FM
_NPO Radio 2

Roland_Kuit_Buchla_200_EMS_Stockholm_b AudioArt_Roland Kuit_Enjoy_riding AudioArt_Roland Kuit_Paris
Studio 4 EMS - Photo: Karin Schomaker + Sonic art: (En)joy riding - Roland Kuit, 2001 Äudio art: Paris - Roland Kuit, 1998




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