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Sonic Art Yerevan Aram Khachaturian Museum

Roland Emile Kuit - Tomas Rajlich - Herman de Vries

28 September till 25 October in House-Museum of Aram Khachaturian Yerevan

Interview Cinque Colonne Magazine:
La Sonic Art di Roland Kuit

Cinque Colonne Magazine

28 September – 25 October 2018

ICAE2018 Yerevan Opening at National Gallery of Armenia

Soundlines of Contemporary Art 2018Soundlines of Contemporary Art opening
Sounslines of Contemporary Art Yerevan Opening Openining ICAE2018 Yerevan
Pictures by Ed Tadevossian


Presentation installation "Soundmapping Yerevan"
With students, Karin Schomaker and Roland Kuit

Minister of Culture Armenia Lilit Makunts formally welcomes Composer - Sonic Artist Roland Kuit
Hay Art Mshakutayin Cucasrah Kentron, Yerevan

"As a European based composer - sonic artist, I am approaching Yerevan with an open ear. I feel the philosophy and arts have roots into the long history of this country. Armenia proves with the TUMO Center where education, culture and science meet in such a special way, that this form of learning is working and even expanse to other counties through the world. I find this mindset in the ICAE2018 of Shaula International LLC too. A courageous way to blend new forms in arts and new cultures in this wonderful event "Soundlines of Contemporary Art". As composer - artist, I am creating new forms by sound research and morphology. My exhibition in the A. Khachaturian House Museum will be a perfect audible example for this as I blend painting and sound together in the audio sculpture "Acrylic Intonations". For this occasion I recorded the painting proces of Tomas Rajlich. By analizing these sounds, I could re-synthesis these processes into a new form whereby time, frequency, amplitude and space are dealt with seperately, and therefore having the possibilliy to seize new sonic shapes." - Roland Kuit

Soundlines of Contemporary Art
Photography: Ed Tadevossian

Thank you ICEA2018 for such an exciting amalgamation of the International Arts. My gratitude towards the A. Khachaturian House Museum, one of the seven locations of this exhibition, such beautifull environment for this dialogue in art.

Hay Art Mshakutayin Cucasrah Kentron, Yerevan. ICAE2018 will be held in Yerevan between 25th of September and 25th of October 2018 under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism of Italy, the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, and aims to be the most important contemporary art exhibition ever organized within the Caucasian region in the past decades for the importance of the artists participating and for the diversity of origins of the artworks.


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Photo page top: Roland kuit master-patching EMS Buchla 200 - Photography: Karin Schomaker


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