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Roland Emile Kuit

composer | sonologist | sonic art
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September 8 2016: Launch OSIRIS-REx succesful, my music passed the Kármán line and is now in space

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the NASA for the extraordinary effort to be a vessel of culture and making this possible.

This is a very special honour - Roland Kuit

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Photography by Karin Schomaker (working on Buchla 200 @ EMS)

The term sonic researcher best describes modern music composer Roland Emile Kuit. Via research, exploration and experiment he is pushing the electroacoustic field to new boundaries.
His output spans composition through sound art, sound-architectural installations, collaborations with experimental artists, designers and scientists and acousmatic performances.
Available at Donemus Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music

28-09-2016 23.00 C.E.T.

The Game changers # 7

Photo: Tibor Bárány © Tiborfoto.com

Composers portrait of Támás Ungváry

Produced by Roland Kuit


Interview in Trouw(Dutch)

Roland Kuit TROUW
Interview by Noor Hellmann, Photographer: Jörgen Caris, Image projection: Karin Schomaker
Viernes 16, Sábado 17 y Domingo 18 de setiembre – 19 hs.


sonoridades alternativas

Pasaje Dardo Rocha
La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Musician whose sounds were shot into space heads up international DMU music event

DMU Leicester

KYMA International Sound Symposium
(click picture)
De Montfort University Leicester. U.K.
7 - 10 September 2016

KISS 2016: Emergence

Roland Kuit

The relation between art & sound, Roland Kuit & Karin Schomaker
As a sound artist Roland Kuit dealt with numberous situations how to create sound expositions.
This talk will take you with examples from the past till now.
Karin Schomaker will talk about her work interacting with Roland’s work.

R. Kuit
Aesthetics are not static. So I have to become fluid- Roland Kuit

GRUIS/GRIT world premiere
An exploration of polarities in both sound and image of the solid material of stone. Resonances and deflections.
Sublimation vs Consolidation. Macro-space vs Micro-space. Roland Kuit explores the effect of impulse responses in connection with the
massive material of stone and space. How will the solidified atoms sound?
Karin Schomaker explores space, movement with layers using modular synthesis in image creation.

Roland Kuit_Carla Scaletti_Karin Schomaker
Karin Schomaker, Carla Scaletti and Roland Kuit

Roland Kuit: Kyma
Karin Schomaker: Visual art

KYMA International Sound Symposium
De Montfort University Leicester, UK

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