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Doepfer testing-photography: Karin Schomaker


"kymaXology" at Donemus, Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music:

Roland Kuit kymaXology


Bil Smith composer: My thoughts on Roland Kuit...

"Roland. This is new territory from what I have experienced from your oeuvre. Arresting...there is a rather 'bruised' range of tonal colors.
There is a term in linguistics..."nominalism" which I think is most appropriate to define and discuss this new terrain for your work.
There is no confusing your work with anyone else's - it is 'signaturized' from the outset. Bravo, my friend. Stunning."

Cutting edge triptych "Ars Modular Musica" out now at Donemus:

Roland Kuit Ars Modular Musica I Roland Kuit Ars Modular Musica II Roland Kuit Ars Modular Musica III

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Soon at IFAR's "Avant-garde":

Roland Kuit One Piece for Two Imaginary Piano's




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