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Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space

The Goteborg lectures

An excerpt and simplified version of one of the lectures created for the Lindblad Studio, Goteborg, Sweden.
By Roland Kuit



Electronic Music composers not only create sounds for their compositions. 

They create the space where in these sounds are placed, or can even move through space trajectories.



In this lecture the concept of space will be (re-)defined especially for use into modular synthesis structures. 

Reflections are positional essentials in creating space. How space can be thought of as an indispensable element of music, 

and with the kinds of approaches that emerge when space is dealt with from the start producing a sound work.

As this is a stereo broadcasting, this lecture is customized for using two channels.

Part of this lecture will be explained by use of very down to earth examples in witch modules and their connections are explained 

and followed by a more elaborated examples as musical sentences.

This broadcast has ended and is now as archive.
I decided to free up some web-space and made some movies of this lecture.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:



This lecture was a little part off and created from the e-Book Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space.

Published by Donemus

Publisher's number: 13663

More information about Modular Strategies in shaping reflections and space here

Used equipment:
Clavia NMG2, by Nord
Kyma 7/Pacarana, by Symbolic Sound

* Printed in Canada.
  1970 Alvin Lucier (BMI)
  1990 Lovely Music, Ltd. CD 1013


** New Chamber Music
     1996 Roland Kuit
    Composer's Voice CD 207


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The modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer, that exists in both physical and virtual forms, consisting of separate specialized modules. The modules are not hardwired together but are connected together with patch cords, a matrix patching system, or 

switches to create a patch. The voltages from the modules may function as (audio) signals, control voltages, or logic conditions.






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