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The ARP 2500 Studio-2 Willem Twee Studio's

Visiting composer in the residence @ Willem Twee Studio's Den Bosch.

Willem Twee Studio Den Bosch
Studio 2 photography by Karin Schomaker

Research and composition in semiotics.

Modular synthesis ARP 2500
Photography by Karin Schomaker: Composer-Sonic Art pioneer Roland Emile Kuit on ARP 2500 Willem Twee Studios

Nearly 45 years ago, my path of modular Synthesis started with an ARP 2600.
Modulating timbre & frequencies; I found that so captivating I never stopped...........................

When I got the opportunity to work with this "Nightwatch" (-Rembrandt) under the synthesizers I was very excited.
Worldwide, only 100 are made by ARP (Alan R. Pearlman). As I have studied and worked with unique monsters in this field, this one fits well in the Analogue Zoo.
The long history of this synthesizer has brought many ways in sound creation and the production of music styles.

About sound creation and style: How can a synthesizer patch express meaning? And how does the modulation makes sence, forming an idiom?

ARP 2500 Roland Kuit

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